Vegas Dave wins $2 million, misses out on $3 million

A lot of people are still talking about the Super Bowl. We now know the amount of money people wagered on the game was record breaking which made for a good day for most of the casinos.
“Vegas Dave” was one of those wagering a lot of money. He was hoping to win $3 million by wagering about $45,000.
He needed the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl in order to take home all that cash.
“People were like oh my God, how do you feel?” said Dave Oancea better known as Vegas Dave. “This is just a life style for me.”
It wasn’t all bad news for Vegas Dave.
A couple weeks ago, he brought home $2 million after the Falcons won the NFC Championship.

“I still won at the end of the day, a significant amount of money,” he said.


While not everyone is betting as much money as Vegas Dave, the numbers show sports betting is getting increasingly more popular to the point where it’s breaking records.
Betters waged nearly $139 million on Sunday night’s game.
“The popularity of sports betting has never been higher than it is right now,” said William Hill’s Vice President of Marketing Michael Grodsky.
Even though Vegas Dave is literally rolling in dough right now, not everyone was as lucky. Super Bowl Sunday was considered a good day for the casinos. They held almost 8 percent of the money wagered.
“It’s a business,” said Vegas Dave. “They’re here to make money, they love losers, they hate winners.”